Acrylic Flowers Will Make You Want To Grab Your Paintbrush

It’s now the middle of May, and here in Ohio we are in full bloom. I love taking walks around my neighbourhood and smelling a medley of floral aromas when a slight breeze passes by. And although spring is tied with fall for my favourite season, nothing compares to seeing the earth sprout back to life with lush foliage and brilliant flowers after a cold winter.

“Nature is my favourite muse; it has so many vivid colours anytime of the year,” notes Starkova in AcrylicWorks 4. Colour vibrancy makes me feel happy and excited, like during springtime you can feel more buzzing and excitement in the air, like everybody is waiting for something beautiful and good to happen.”

Flaming Parrot

Here I used earthly colours for the veins in the petals and for some of the forms within. Then I selected a black hue for the background plus added touches of mauve to convey the mood and bring out the vibrancy of the primary colours in this unique tulip,” states Pytlos. “After adding some final details with fine brushes, I concluded the work with an application of Golden Archival varnish to restore each colour’s vibrancy. The fiery flame-like highlights contributed to the painting’s name, Flaming Parrot.”

Sunflowers With Swallowtail

For me, colour equals emotion in a painting. I like to freely express both my emotive reactions to my subject and the intensity of feeling I experience while creating art. This painting belongs to a series that explores imagery, from photos and life, painted against a random, totally abstract underpainting. This allows me to achieve accidental, adjacent colours to enhance my colour effect.”


As I was driving by a home in Brockville, Ontario, I did a double take. I turned the car around, came back and met the lady who was watering her flower garden. I asked her the name of the huge, beautiful flowers in her garden and to my surprise she said peonies,” says Kelly. “Being familiar with the white, red and pink varieties, I was captivated with this wonderful new (to me) color and knew I had to paint them.”

Please Do Come In

I painted Please Do Come In immediately following a scuba diving trip to Turks and Caicos. The colours in the underwater life there are breathtaking. From the coral and vegetation to the dense population of sea life, there was just an explosion of color and textures. As an intuitive painter, I find that my subconscious plugs into some of my favorite things I see and they seem to magically appear on the canvas. So when I come home from a diving trip, I make sure to get right into the studio so my memories are as fresh as possible.

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