Sometimes Mishaps Make a Wedding Perfect

Wedding is the ceremonial celebration of the sacred bond of eternal togetherness between two people. It is an event in which the to-be married couple invite their friends, relatives and acquaintances to witness their union and share their joys. However weddings today, have become more about “the perfect cake, the perfect dress and the perfect location”. Sharing joys and happiness gets lost somewhere amid arranging picturesque weddings.

Sometimes an accidental break from pursuing bland perfection is what we need to rediscover what is really important. Weddings are not meant to be flawless, they are meant to be special and memorable. Little flaws and mishaps can actually make a wedding a lot more memorable.

Accidents make marriages memorable

Joseph and Martha were cohabiting for 4 years until they got pregnant and decided to get married. During their wedding when the pastor asked Joseph to kiss his bride, he kissed Martha and then out of love, he knelt down to kiss their unborn child over her stomach. But as his lips parted from her belly, he saw a prominent pucker mark from residual lipstick, on her dress. Apparently Martha’s lipstick had transferred to Joseph’s lips when they had kissed. So when Joseph kissed her belly over her dress it got stained, awkwardly.

At that time the couple got flushed with embarrassment, but little did they realize that this was going to be the best part of their wedding. Their wedding pictures with lipstick stain on Martha’s belly turned out to look adorable. Their daughter is extremely fond of them.

Samantha was very close to her grandfather. He was elated about her getting married. He could not contain his excitement at her wedding so he hit the open bar. In no time the stripped all his inhibitions and he went straight to the dance floor. His ridiculous and insane dance moves were hilarious. The guests burst out laughing looking at him. Samantha got a little embarrassed by that but after seeing her grandpa so happy, she let go of that feeling and she too enjoyed his dance. Her wedding video could not have been better.

For Joseph, Martha and Samantha unanticipated happenings or accidents made their weddings unforgettable.

Don’t fret over little mishaps

Wedding is a celebration of a new relationship, it is meant for bonding with loved ones and enjoying. Obsessing over perfection of things like food, cakes and dresses is waste of time, perhaps the most precious time. Little mishaps can happen but it is futile to fret over over them because they are uncertain. If anything has to happen, it will, no point worrying over that. Rather use that time in feeling happy and blessed to have found someone worthy of spending your entire life with. Who knows your wedding might even have a mishap, that may make it even more memorable.

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